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5:40am 05-14-2018
Hello guys,
In the neotropical region of the American continent — which includes almost all of South America, Central America, Antilles, parts of the United States and Mexico — dry forests host at least 66 per cent of water reservoirs.
5:14pm 10-21-2013
Calgary Gluten Free
Wow, what a great story. That's really awesome - the power of social media at work! It also restores your faith in humanity in general when people come together like that to help, right?
6:46am 01-31-2013
HOly and holy is the Lord with many the millions of angels host to gloryfy him in bright shining glory and the power and blessing in love over us by Jesus bloods victory ,thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden
6:36pm 09-27-2011
9-27-2011-hollie showed mow lawn, Jesus said, hollie said, hollie showed, its toy pastor, thats string being pulled out, but, hey hollie said, but amber shaft pointed, thats nobody pulling string out, but hollie was there, hand over mouth, showed, bobby mow lawn, hollie showed, its dark and, thats, Gods hammel, like, its angel man, no hair, happy, hollie mowed lawn but lawnmower disappeared, heres why, its stan appearing, bob he, called ya, hollie said, dont turn application in yet, and I stamp, hollie said, bob thats janette, next letter, its, hollie looked back at Jesus, appeared, good, hollie said, were coming home she said, meaning you and her, thats both living in church, bob sleeping, janette up, she said, clapped jumpy hollie, golden monkey lips, face, thats, russia and its missile strikes all over, there, pointed, hollie, like, its golden fire, in, then many fires in russia, its magog hollie said, and its pontey, she said, appeared above, hollie mowed lawn, theres, angry barack obama appearing, thats him pressing nuclear button, but its submarines all around america, thats its, uh massive fire hollie said, came out, showed, its uh network, she said, both american coasts burned, thats missiles dropping down, its on, nuclear n.a.t.o. countries and its dinosaur like dragon appearing, i'm the g8, hollie said, its, the beast, she said, pope dressed in brown, hey hollie said, theres fires, big, in venezuela and brazil, hollie flew around world, in, in, its, light mustang fighter jet, but, thats fire in africa and missiles leaving there, striking fires in cuba and mexico, thats nicaragua exploding, its, on the day of the LOrd, putin like pope said, hollie screamed, taste this bobby, its money coming your way, but putin, also there, not happy, like, its doll, hollie pulled string, but not seen but then she appeared, with, its preacher doll, theres string on, hollie pulled, hi, preacher doll said, you see hollie said, coming out, theres hand agin, hollie said, he hollie looking up at, showing, you did not need him, its hollie showed, but hollie came out, face appeared on hand, and dome inside, with, its moodie in, just, like, frozen but moved uh little, Jesus showed eat, lighted shaft showed, turn, hollie said, but, hollie appeared, showed, eat, but was biting something, face somewhat not seen, oh no, hollie said, another stamps, its two, f-104 starfighters flying by, angelic hollie in one, hey hollie said, that one, it dropped bombs, thats america below exploding, and its submarines appearing all around, thats a amber colored hollie coming out, amber like scene, she showed, its uh massive network, both coasts exploded but thats angry barack obama showing, teeth, pressing, its nuclear button, and thats, hollie, pointed, like dark, orange like, hollie, showed, its both, many, russia, on fire, dark and orange haired hollie showed, lay down,
2:05pm 04-03-2011
apostolic wonder man
Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 3-3-2011-i am persecuting you saith the Lord, to make you die, and cause you to loose your salvation, for i betray saoth God, for no reason, that you caused, and will not stop untill you die, and be embarrased in front of all, to be mocked by people cause i want you laughed at saith Jesus, hollie looked confused, she said, did convey she spoke it, she said, bobby hollie said, thats her wearing, its uh red plad coat, gitting food, its out dumpster and I stamp hollie did convey, scene changes to, i'm the pope said, it pontey hollie showed, i am gog, he spoke it, hollie said, but blue hollie appeared, thats, pope with, its uh black stagecoach, pulled by black horse, hollie and God did convey hollie said, thats hollie taking, its food from dumpster, I spoke it, she said, did convey, thats people throwing away, its food, hollie, thats her gitting into dumpster again, tomorrow, gitting out, its more, thats hollie storing up food, but dying from, its fasting she said, hollie, you finally ate, hollie, he said, but not to much he said, showed, zip it, smiled, hollie beat down the tents posts, had tent revival, he preached, wearing, its uh white robe, smiled, showed, fight, its war pope said, bobby hollie said, showed, eat more, thats popus hollie said, with, goat horns, and, kings coming out, theres hu hintao, out of one, with his flower, thats, pope, medvedev and putin out of other, putin not happy, thats hegoat smiting ram and ram had putins face, its uh nuclear missile strike hollie said, its one woe, she, said, thats, its in both lands, she said, thats nuclear fire, in, its russia and china, thats, pope sitting at table, and hu hintao and emperor of japan, coming out of, two horned, red beast, thats 666 peace treaty being signed, they go back to own lands, thats pope telling medvedev, you otta drive them outta there, hollie showed turn, this is what I want said, hollie, its, nuclear n.a.t.o., she did speak, conveyed, i'm the g8, said, it putin, hollie said, thats the dragon forming, its after, that, hollie said, thats, winston churchhill appearing, with adolf hitler, those two caused, it, hollie said, they wanted, its war, they said, but, neither was, its strong enough, hollie did convey, speak it, she, said, both lands suffered because of, its, you two hollie said, thats, both shaking yes, I knew, its winston churchhill, did speak, convey, hollie said, bobby get, its, get food, hollie said, its for, and scene spins, animals, hollie said, they wont eat, that, hollie said, but thats raccoon approaching things, its people throw away, hollie said, and, loving, thats him enjoying, hollie showed turn, hollie showed, its the beast pope she said, and his armies, its gathered there together in israel, theres, hu hintao, lets unite and force, hintao said, thats, many nuclear fires in russia and, thats missile aimed at china, exploded, its, whew, hollie said, massive, thats, china invading russia like uh cloud of people to invade that land, hollie showed, thats, them forcing russia, its to invade israel, thats hintao in isreale, slashing, its popon hollie said, thats netanyahu with, its nuclear controls, thats nuclear fires in, its russia and china and south korea, thats Christ standing on the mountain which split in twain, lets rapture, he said, thats he soars hollie said, up, many go with, thats, woe number three God said, she said, go, like, hollie showed, hollie showed, its, audiocoustics xr-31d stereo speaker, i'm lonely speaker said, thats other joining it later, bobby hollie said, just go, that is, said, its, him, a she hollie, did convey, nuclear explosions in, its many lands, hollie shows, hand, scene spins, and, yellow dragon, its uh serpent, hollie did convey, spoke it, but only blue faced hollie appeared, thats, its on the day of the Lord hollie said, its, one woe, she said, its, the, g8 exploding, hollie scream for, said, Jesus, look what Jesus will do to you if you serve him
3:48pm 04-02-2011
prophetic alliance
Jesus showed me in visions: 4-2-2011-hollie showed, thats unhappy windows live, like unhappy angel, its hollie said, wiped lips, hey said another hollie, her hand not seen but was invisible, she said, i'm the windows live angel said, thats them retoring bobs hotmail account but he strips, hollie said, look, said, it, Jesus, hollie said, wore, red sweatshirt, wiped lips, again, but, hand not seen, bob git outta there, said, it, Jesus, hollie said, did convey, but came back uh blue face, thats hollie, its taking food out of, its dumpster, and, I stamp, hollie said, did convey, scene spins, and, out comes, its pope she said, its, like, blue cloudy scene, theres, hu hintao, coming out, you see said, it hollie, these two will want to rule the world, thats two hollies doing take, thats, its hu hintao riding the, red horse, its spacesoarem jet, hollie said, he flys, thats, its, into over, taiwan, which errupted into fire, thats, hollie, another, watching, it came from, its yellow china with, its hu hintao on, thats, hintao battling, hollie, defending washington state with, its, her, light sword, thats, hollie with, light sword, hintao with blue, another hollie flys out, its old world war one aircraft, bombs ship, its repelled showed, hollie like pilot, thats hollie like, uncle sam, appearing, hollie said, Jesus, it, he appeared, hollie said, wearing, its uh red sweatshirt, screamed, again, but kind of partial, pointed, up, Jesus came like happy God, bobby said hollie, it another hollie said, first showed eat, wearing red sweatshirt, you need to go home, said, it hollie, another, said, showed, bob, its the windows live, you still have the visions stored up, just let it go, thats sad windows live, its, ministry of dreams, angel, hollie, and, God spoke it, Jesus said, appearing, its, confusion, hollie said, showed, wore, its uh red, sweatshirt, and I stamp, hollie said, thats, Gods hammer hollie appearing like blue dot head, its him, a she hollie said, he wore red sweatshirt, hollie showed, turn, bob said, it, hollie, showed, confusion, thats pope she said, riding black horse, hes like angel man, hollie screamin for this reason, showed, eat the cinnamon roll, she, they conveyed, another, blue face, hollie, did appear, boo chanted he hollie, many hollie said, one looked up, hollie screamin for this reason, thats, her she, said, walking at, its, new wineskin ministries, she said, wearing, its uh red plad coat, but Gods hammer hollie appeared like blue head, its dot, same coat, pope showed, light hollie, in fire, drinking his drink, hollie showed, eat, maybe this is uh warnin, hollie said, its, him a she hollie, did convey, but blue faced, hollie, appeared, let me said, it hollie a she hollie said, hollie showed, turn, new hollie, touch your wallet, said, it Jesus, thats bobs wallet filling with, its, said two hollies, loot, one had blue face, he hollie appeared over, hollie like shipmate saluted with orange hair, said, it hollie, another one screamed, its three hollies, they all appeared, wearing, its red sweatshirts, hollie screamed, showed, turn, its him, she said, playing his music, sound she said, he appeared, partial silhouette face, hollie showed, turn, two he hollies, one new, thats, hand showing, you did not need him, hollie said, its hollie showed, theres dome in, with, its him in, with orange hair, bobby c'mon, said, a she hollie said, Jesus said, hollie said, thats pope said hollie, its he appeared hollie and God said, its i am gog he said, its pope was like an angel of light, hollie said fading God said, put it under, thats hollie said, pope in his balck carriage, pulled by angry black horse hollie said, its him said uh she hollie showing post on laptop cellphone t.v. Hollie and God said, its uh laptop, said uh he hollie, a she one said God said, showed cut it off they said, its Jesus hollie said, dont start it, said him, its, a she hollie, Jesus did say, its, a she hollie said, Hollie like uh shipmate showed take uh bath, thats her bathing God said,-
3:38pm 04-01-2011
Jesus speaks: I am the Lord they God, that created all things, why would you steal from my and my servant, to make them bow before, you and take what I gave them to yourselves, and call yourselves my child, for, I wont have it, saith God, remove and be ruint, anyhow, what I spoke and created, call it ministry of dreams, said, hollie wearing white robe, Jesus comes out of, you fool, saiht God, who take, is what she said, what I birthed, I will ruin you saith Jesus, the, Lord and ruler of all, for I showed my hand with nail still there, I Jesus give all things freely, why do you charge, for what I gave you, you so called false prophets, beware of them, saith God, for they come in sheeps cloting, but inwardly are, wolves, liars, they preach for loot, saith the King, for I showed my hand with a nail, in, body faded, in, wearing, white robe, showed, hollie, put it undle, she, said, bob work, hollie had her light watch on, you did good, she, said, now go, visions from Jesus: thats hollie licking the prophet showed its uh museum she said its war said its showed fleas artilery man he fought hollie said in its early she said the civil war hollie showed its the ships then they were ironclad hollie said showed now thats thick steel hollie said thats
3:35pm 04-01-2011
bob hickman
the holy Ghost speaks this: Ministry of dreams is spoken By me the Lord Jesus, if you steal or alter in any way, I the Lord will ruin you and make you run to remove, like I have over 1000, and few left, all after Iraq ends nuclear saith Jesus will have off, but perish anyway for tempting the servant of God,
4:58pm 03-31-2011
visions of Jesus
- , - , - , -dont, said, it, Jesus, hollie appears, showed, bob, talk, dont, they dont like you, she spoke, but God said, heres why, its, hollie said, you holy Ghost, its byron said, hollie spoke, mark trembles, at yur prescence, God said, but they like you, so be nice, its, at, new wineskins, ministries, hollie said, put it under, hollie said,
4:53pm 03-31-2011
hollie appears
- , - , - visions received 3-31-2011-bob, go, hollie said, but only visible, said, it Jesus, thats the new, hollie said, spoke it, God said, guestbook, call it ministry of dreams, said, it angel hollie said, but had, white in blue in face, like two colors, put it under, and I stamp, hollie said, and up rose, its Gods hammer hollie, like uh happy, hollie, with brown hair, and blue face, now let me see, said, it, hollie, she looked, wearing, its uh red sweatshirt, she said, but I a plad coat on, put it under, hollie showed, bob cut that off, hollie showed, eat,